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    I love to take pictures and capture the profound moments of life. And I would really love to take your picture.

    I´m located in the central valley area of California. I work in locations such as Fresno, Oakhurst, Yosemite, Mariposa, Madera, and other surrounding areas. Contact me and let's chat about your future portrait session!

Exploring Bass Lake

Now that Coco is an official resident of California there is so much I want to show him. We decided to take a break and head up to Bass Lake. We looked around once we got there and it instantly reminded us why we came all this way and have faced so many challenges to be here. I can’t wait to show him everything in the area!

Catching Up With Family

Since our move from Peru to California we have been busy unpacking suitcases, applying for jobs, and taking care of paperwork. But we did manage to find enough time to catch up with family. We haven’t seen any of our family since we were last here in October. I can’t believe how much our nieces and nephews have grown, so I took lots of pictures of them. Here’s a little of Luke and Bella.

And here’s a bit of Allie and Ian when we spent some time with them in Laguna Beach.